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Last First Title Location Phone E-mail Web
Photo of Amy Andrade Andrade Amy Coordinator for Retention IRB 1202 (301) 405-2775 andradea [at] (email) homepage
Photo of Kate Atchison Atchison Kate Assistant Director for the Maryland Center for Women in Computing (MCWIC) IRB 1206 (301) 405-7615 katea [at] (email) homepage
Photo of Tori Blackwell Blackwell Tori Academic Advisor IRB 1138 tblackw [at] (email)
Photo of Regis Boykin Boykin Regis Research Coordinator IRB 2142 (301) 405-2732 rboykin [at] (email)
Photo of Courtney Cabansag Cabansag Courtney Academic Advisor IRB 1141 cabansag [at] (email)
Photo of Christine Denis Denis Christine Academic Advisor IRB 1139 301-405-6778 cdenis [at] (email)
Photo of Adelaide Findlay Findlay Adelaide Program Management Specialist IRB 2130 (301) 405-2662 adelaide [at] (email)
Photo of Victoria Fitzgerald Fitzgerald Victoria Academic Advisor IRB 1154 (301) 405-2672 vfitz [at] (email)
Photo of Miriam Friedman Friedman Miriam Community Relations & Special Events Coordinator IRB 2202 (301) 405-0688 mfried [at] (email)
Photo of Jodie Gray Gray Jodie Payroll Coordinator IRB 2144 (301) 405-2733 jodie [at] (email)
Photo of Hermela Hailemeskel Hailemeskel Hermela Academic Advisor IRB 1140 301-405-2737 hhermela [at] (email)
Photo of Todd Holden Holden Todd Senior Web Services Developer IRB 2152 (301) 405-6338 holden [at] (email)
Photo of Tom Hurst Hurst Tom Assistant Director of Graduate Education IRB 1130 (301) 405-0771 thurst [at] (email)
Photo of Sergey Ivanov Ivanov Sergey IT Systems Analyst IRB 2156 (301) 405-2749 seriv [at] (email)
Photo of Brittany Johnson Johnson Brittany Academic Advisor IRB 1144 301-405-2692 johnsobr [at] (email)
Photo of Maria Johnson Johnson Maria Director of Corporate Partnership Development IRB 2128 (301) 405-7990 mjohn [at] (email)
Photo of Morgan Lanahan Lanahan Morgan Coordinator IRB 1204 mlanahan [at] (email) homepage
Photo of Richa Mathur Mathur Richa Executive Coordinator IRB 2132 3014051034 rmathur4 [at] (email)
Photo of Sharron McElroy McElroy Sharron Director of Operations and Finance IRB 2138 (301) 405-8699 smcelroy [at] (email)
Photo of Alyssa Neuner Neuner Alyssa Academic Advisor IRB 1146 (301) 405-2672 aneuner [at] (email)
Photo of Apitchaya Pimpawathin Pimpawathin Apitchaya Assistant Director Undergraduate Studies IRB 1132 (301) 405-2681 apimpawa [at] (email)
Photo of Steven Ryan Ryan Steven IT Systems Analyst IRB 2158 (301) 405-2705 stryan [at] (email)
Photo of Lauren Segler Segler Lauren Academic Advisor IRB 1152 (301) 405-2672 lsegler [at] (email)
Photo of Stacey Sickels Locke Sickels Locke Stacey Senior Director of Development IRB 2124 (301) 405-7889 slocke [at] (email)
Photo of Richard Smith Smith Richard IT Systems Analyst IRB 2154 (301) 405-2668 rismith [at] (email)
Photo of ~ STAFFWORLD STAFFWORLD ~ Computing Staff IRB 2109 (301) 405-2720 helpdesk [at] (email) homepage
Photo of David Turner Turner David Academic Advisor IRB 1148 301-405-2672 dturner8 [at] (email)
Photo of Amy Vaillancourt Vaillancourt Amy Academic Advisor IRB 1142 (301) 405-2672 availlan [at] (email)
Photo of Jeanine Worden Worden Jeanine Lab Director IRB 2150 (301) 405-5062 jworden [at] (email)